LOCATION: Gowanus Canal, Brooklyn, NY
- Conceptual & Schematic Design
YEAR: 2004

The site is located at the southern tip of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn, between the neighborhood of Park Slope and Red Hook . It was a former manufactured gas plant and currently hosts a cement plant.

Assuming that remediation treatment has been occurred, we were asked to propose a design for a waterfront park along with cul tural institutions, new housing development.

Our proposal was to create a park that emulates the manufactured vernacular landscape of industry, and the resilience of nature in harsh conditions, by using volunteer ecologies currently present on the site.

  • The park is composed of terraces carved into the existing topography. It is located at the intersection of waterways, crafting public spaces, housing, recreation and cultural activities.
  • Diagonal pathways slice through the topography creating accidental spaces. reflecting vernacular excavations.
  • Across the canal, concrete plant is resurrected as a center Dedicated to Preserve Industrial/Maritime heritage; provide waterfront access and education related to the estuary and shoreline and raise awareness with environment and educational l programs.
  • It reaches out to the residential Hoyt Street and Smith Street on north and west side to f the park, creating visible and meaningful entrances. Across the water, the island becomes a residential neighborhood.
  • At the far south end, a grove acts as a buffer to a new cement plant and increase soft edges — buffer zone on both sides of Canal for stormwater remediation