KaN Landscape Design. Inc


Project initiator • Curriculum creation • Stakeholders/Partners identification • Community Outreach


In the context of the recent acquisition of the Pine Street African Burial Ground, KaN Landscape Design , in partnership with Harambee Coalition, the Kingston YMCA Farm Project and the Kingston Land Trust, created and facilitate a series of design workshops with the Kingston YMCA Farm Project's students and the Kingston communities.

On account of the significant cultural and historical legacy of the site and the inclusive community oriented design process, the series will be filmed by Growing Films to produce a documentary which would allow for a broader national conversation.. The series of workshops will give the students the tools and skills to comprehend the process of site analyzing and planning, of evaluating existing conditions, constraints and assets to address a specific program within a site, and propose creative educated answers. The team will launch the series with a public event to present the overall project to the community, additional events will be scheduled regularly to keep the conversation active within the community.

Throughout the series, special guests will be invited to share their knowledge and professional skills. Speakers would include:
Local and Statewide based archaeologists, architects, historians with expertise on the topic.

The guests will present relevant projects and encourage an interactive conversation with the students as well as the community.